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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lindsay Millers Fitness Program

Lindsay Kaye Miller Fitness 360

Lindsay Kaye Miller, the first fitness model to be banned from newsstands across America. Yes, sadly, issues containing her bikini-clad likeness have had a tendency to melt through magazine racks, and the owners are fed up with the situation. In another dash of bad news, she finished 5th among 5 women at the2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest. Although, had there been a lingerie round, um, FIRST!
From the mouth of this babe comes great fitness advice. Lindsay Kaye Miller is a certified personal trainer, and we suddenly feel like our exercise form is a little rusty. She is also a nutritionist, and we're hoping she brings her oatmeal protein pancakes by the office sometime (hint). Now, the former U.S. Air Force member aims to join the NPC bikini division. Permission granted, Lindsay!
Lindsay Kaye Miller's Fitness Program
Watch The Video - 11:09

Lindsay Kaye Miller's Muscle Building Program
Lindsay Kaye Miller knows you can't have curves without muscle--hence her aggressive, no-nonsense approach to working out.

Lindsay Kaye Miller's Cutting Program
LINDSAY KAYE MILLER'S CUTTING PROGRAMWhen entering her cutting phase, Lindsay Kaye Miller places the majority of her focus on diet and supplementation.


  1. Is it wrong to say that she is hot!
    really need some abs, damn the computer generation!

  2. Wow she's fine as hell! I'd tap that azzzz all nite day nite day night day!

  3. woah shit she has a good looking body

  4. Sorry but the muscles are a bit of a turn off, considering she'd be able to beat me up =D

  5. Yea, i don't get why she got banned? I'm look more into it!