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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Secrets to Teen Body Building

2008 Teen Bodybuilding SuperFeature: The Secrets To Teen Bodybuilding Success!
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Teenagers have certain labels thrown at them from all directions. Inconsistent, immature, know it all, and haphazard are just a few.
We like to think we can label our teenage visitors with the word "Potential", and within the following feature we know we can help you realize it.
Our knowledgeable experts who were not-so-long ago struggling teenagers are now champion bodybuilders. Follow their "teenager to champs" guide and watch your progress kick into action.
Full Guides

Beginner's Guides
Beginner's Guides
Transformation Video GuideFull Video Guide!
What better way to get into shape than with trainer Tito Raymond & Bob Chick!
Personal Trainer Guide!Personal Trainer Guide!
Congratulations, you have made it this far. This manual will teach you everything you need.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Follow This Super Feature & You Will Achieve Your Goals.
AmateurTeen Amateur Of The Week:
Send in your pics, stats, and what got you started and you could be next week's winner! ]

You want to look like the pros, so you better train like them, right? Wrong!
Our training guides will help you distinguish the programs that will pay dividends between the ones that pay short change.
Building A Great Base

Building A Core
Great Base Articles
Building A Good Base!Building A Good Base!
The importance of developing a good foundation can make or break your bodybuilding career.
Building A Base Frame?Building A Base Frame?
When first starting you must focus on creating a base. What should you focus on after that?
Training Training
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge. Writer Derek Charlebois Started Working Out As A Teen (left) & Attributes His Success On Starting At A Young Age. He Started Building His Base & Continued To Grow.
Beginner Workouts

Best Training Guide!Best Training Guide!
Here are the basic guidelines, rules and easy-to-follow workout for strength or fitness!
Never Trained Before?Never Trained Before?
What is the best & most basic workout for someone who has never trained?
Why Am I Not Making Gains?

No Gains?
No Gains?
why?Not Making Gains?
Millions of people the world over are trapped in bodies they are desperately trying to change...
Stop Overtraining NowStop Overtraining Now!
Blow away your plateaus by considering the following methods of training.

If you don't know what food to choose at the cafeteria, how to eat on a budget, or even know what a protein is, you have come to the right place.
Read on to find out why you should live by the words "you are what you eat".
Basics Of Nutrition

Beginner Nutrition Articles
Nutrition Mistakes/Myths Articles
Beginner Nutrition!Beginner Nutrition!
Learn how to begin the new year the right way by learning how to design an effective diet.
7 Diet Mistakes.7 Diet Mistakes.
There may be small errors that are preventing you from losing weight. Here are 7 mistakes...
Nutrition In School

Getting Huge
Eating In School
Getting Huge 101Getting Huge 101.
Read on to see what some do and consider what you do in the off season. Is it normal?
Eating In SchoolEating In School!
The average lunch tray consists of pizza, coke, and french fries. Just the nutrients you need.
How To Get Hoooge

Massive EatingMassive Eating!
Most people fail to realize their physique goals as a result of poor diet...
...Eating To Gain Mass!
Check out this great mass gain program if you are serious about gaining weight!

If you thought that the above articles were an eye opener, wait until you get a load of our supplement features.
There are many supplements on the shelves that would better back up your gains a latter stage in your life, but there are some that you cannot do without, unless you want others to get ahead of your game.
Find out which supplements staples you will need to put a seal of approval on your dream physique.
Basics Of Supplementation

Protein Handbook.
Building muscle is about protein balance. Everything you need to know about protein...
...All About EFA's.
What are the essential fatty acids? What do they do? Why do I need them?
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Remember To Always Get Enough Protein!
Get Hoooge On Supplements

Mass Gain
Creatine: Why Use It?Creatine: Why Use It?
Creatine has been recognized as a product that delivers on its promise of improved strength.
...Forms Of Creatine.
Our forum members go into great detail about the different forms of creatine.
Getting Toned / Fat Loss

Sesamin - Bye, Bye Fatty!All About Sesamin!
Sesamin, a lignan found in sesame seeds, has been shown to do just that.
The Word Is Out! CLA Works!CLA Works!
Studies have demonstrated that CLA reduces fat mass, while increasing lean body mass.

We scratched the surface with the above tools, now its time to cut down much deeper and provide you with limited time offers... forever!
Check out our misc section for additional info from "myths and misconceptions" to "training for cheerleading."
Goal Setting

Goal Setting
Goal Setting
Make Your Goals Stick!Make Your Goals Stick!
The amazing thing about the future is that if you wait, it will always come to you.
Goal SettingGoal Setting.
Learn all about the why and the when in your fitness plan by setting goals!
Short & Long Term Motivation

Short Term Motivation
Long Term Motivation
Short-Term Motivation Steps.Motivation Steps.
I want you to succeed so use my 12 tips below to help climb the 12 steps to success.
Maintaining Focus.Maintaining Focus.
Bodybuilding is a brutal sport, and I don't just mean physically. Get some motivation right here!
Transformations & Amateurs

Andrew Gained 75 lbs.Andrew Gained 75 lbs.
Andrew Rigato gained 75 lbs. and shortly caught the bodybuilding bug.
Maintaining Focus.Franklin Loves Fitness.
Franklin became hooked on training after hitting the gym for the first time ever.
TransformationTeen Transformation Of The Week:
Send in your pics, stats, and what got you started and you could be next week's winner! ]
Short & Long Term Motivation

Training For Sports
Tips For Success
Teen Athlete Strength Training.Teen Athlete Training.
To maintain gain that competitive edge, begin a good strength training program.
Tips For SuccessMotivation Tips.
Anyone who says that being a teenager is easy doesn't remember what it was like.

 Layne Norton Measures Farzan's Progress.
Click The Play Button To Start The Video.
Or Download Here:

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Inside The Life Of A Natural Pro - Video Main Page ]
Related Videos
Related Videos
The Fit Show.The Fit Show.
Dozens of informative videos geared towards the fitness enthusiast.
...The Poe Show!
Learn what it takes to compete from grueling workouts, cardio, nutrition & more.
VideoVideo Series:
Main Page

Come find a listing of all of the video series. Also find the featured series, and direct links to the main page for each series.

Video Series Main Page! ]
Free Wallpaper!

Our Favorite Dutch Bodybuilding Fan, Tammo Vastenburg!
Dutch Bodybuilding Fan Tammo Vastenburg

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Date: 8/26/2008

Dutch Bodybuilder Tammo Vastenburg Was Recently An Intern At!
Check Out Tammo's BodySpace Profile!

Featured BodySpace Members

Find people right next door or around the world with goals and interests similar to your own!
Richard Choueiri.RC26.
I want to keep gaining muscle and keep improving in MMA.
To be half the size of Arnold when he was 19 years old.
To compete in figure bodybuilding & win a pro card!
To go to the show in better condition than my 1st comp.
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Read what people right next door or around the world have to say about their progress, goals, and successes!
DannyboySC's BodyBlog.DannyboySC's BodyBlog.
I was actually very suprised at how simple bulking can be.
bluedragon7's BodyBlog.bluedragon7's BodyBlog.
I'm starting a powerlifting workout to build my strength.
eb69eb69's BodyBlog.
People always want that secret exercise, diet, or pill.
DR.SquatsDR.Squats's BodyBlog.
Did chest to start off the week, I seemed to get tired fast.
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Photo Gallery

Check out thousands of pictures of fitness enthusiasts just like you! Or upload your own and send and receive comments on them.
ordinary's Gallerycharley33's Gallery.
charley33's gallery is sure to get you pumped up.
typaules12345.typaules12345's Gallery.
typaules12345 shows you just how far genetics can take you.
amt4331's Gallery.amt4331's Gallery.
Check out amt4331 pictures of his strongman physique.
Superhulkchild's GallerySuperhulkchild's Gallery.
Superhulkchild incredible physique is sure to inspire you.


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